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Abilene Contact Lens Exam

Get the perfect set of contact lenses and have better vision in just a few easy steps.

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The Right Choice for Contact Lenses

Whether you’re interested in trying contact lenses for the first time or have been wearing them for years, at Elite Eyecare, we offer years of experience and state of the art lens technology to help find the best contact lenses just for you. We proudly prescribe a Huge variety of contact lenses:

Daily Disposable Soft Contact Lenses

Daily disposable soft contact lenses are made from some newest and most breathable lens materials on the market, which means they are the most comfortable and the healthiest of contact lenses available. If you have dry eyes, go back and forth between glasses and contacts frequently, don’t like the hassle of storing and cleaning your lenses, want to reduce your risk of ocular infections, or work in an environment that can cause irritation and build-up on your lenses – these may be the best choice for you! We carry a wide variety of these lenses.

Traditional Soft Contact Lenses

Soft contact lenses have been around for a while and still work very well. For most individuals, full time wear is achieved quickly and effortlessly. Soft lenses should be replaced monthly or biweekly, and Some lenses you are even allowed to sleep in, depending on the specific brand.

Astigmatism Contact Lenses (aka Toric Contact Lenses)

Astigmatism Contact lenses are also known as Toric Contact Lenses. A large word that simply means your eye is not a perfect sphere. Don’t let this word scare you, this is a normal and very common finding. We have a wide variety of Toric Contacts and will devote the time it takes to find the right contact lenses to achieve the best vision possible for you.

Colored Contact Lenses

We carry the newest technology and most breathable colored contact lenses. We can even order colored contacts for patients with astigmatism as well as crazy colors for costume purposes.

Multifocal Contact Lenses

After age 40, your up close vision might begin to change. You may find yourself holding your phone or reading material at arm’s length or even grabbing for a pair of reading glasses to decipher small print. Isn’t getting old fun? The good news is that now we have multifocal contact lenses. These soft contacts are similar to bifocals in glasses, but work a little differently. The key thing to remember is that these lenses will help you to focus on things up close as well as far away, and prevent you from walking around with reader glasses on top of your head.

Non-Inclusive List of Contact Lenses We Carry

Dailies Total 1, Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus, Clarity One Day, Acuvue Oasys 1-day with Hydraluxe, Air Optix plus Hydraglyde, Air Optix Night & Day, Air Optix Multifocal, Air Optix Toric, Air Optix Colors, Acuvue Oasys, Acuvue Oasys for Astigmatism, Biofinity, Biofinity Energys, Biofinity Toric, Biofinity Multifocal, Avaira Vitality, Avaira Vitality Toric, Eyedia ClearColor Phantom, ToriColors

We are Dedicated to Helping You With More Than Just Lenses

Dr. Liles is an Abilene eye doctor who treats each patient with attention, patience, and care during their contact lens exam. When you come in for your appointment, you’ll leave with much more than a new pair of lenses—you’ll leave with the peace of mind knowing you got the best pair for your eyes and that your doctor is doing their best to help you maintain your lifestyle.

Getting the right pair of contact lenses is so much more than just picking the style you like best. They have to fit just right, provide the perfect level of vision adjustment, and look good while doing it. The problem is that so many doctors disregard that fact that your eyes are vital to your health and that your entire life depends on your vision. Not Dr. Liles.

Vision Problems Shouldn’t Affect Your Life

When you come in for your exam, you will receive:

  • Expert medical consultation
  • Help with navigating your insurance policy to minimize your payments
  • Tips on which lenses look and feel the best
  • Advice for fitting your prescription to your busy lifestyle

But what really sets our Abilene offices apart is our attention to the individual.

Our office believes that getting lenses shouldn’t be complicated, and the patient has the right to be treated with the utmost care. That’s why we’ve simplified our process and dedicated ourselves to treating the patient, not just giving them a new prescription.

After a visit to Dr. Liles, you will not only have a thorough evaluation of your visual health (including testing vital to the early detection of visual conditions and diseases), you will be provided clear training for improving each of the most vital visual skills.

Do you ever wonder how a goalie deflects a puck traveling 100 MPH or how a center fielder can spot a miniature ball in the sun and perfectly time his dive so it lands in his glove? Perfect vision.

Dedication to Customer Care

Dr. Liles believes that each patient is more than just a pair of eyes. Our customer care team is dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service from initial consultation to helping you fulfill your prescription. The staff is highly trained and knowledgeable in all things vision care.

Patience is our number one virtue. You will no doubt have a lot of questions. Our staff takes the time to answer every one of your questions in detail and you will never feel rushed. Your copay, choice of lenses, medical conditions—don’t be afraid to ask us anything. We are dedicated to making the process as simple as possible. There’s a reason that some of our patients have been coming back for years. Your appointment will be timely, affordable, and comfortable.

If you haven’t already had your comprehensive eye exams with us, we recommend you do so. If you only need a contact lens exam, then contact us today to schedule. The first step towards finding the perfect set of affordable contact lenses in Abilene starts with calling our office and booking today.

We also take into account:

  • Your Lifestyle: Are you an athlete? Do you put great stress on your eyes? Are you a bookworm? Each of your answers will help Dr. Liles determine the right prescriptions.
  • Your Fashion Sense: Are cosmetic lenses something you might be interested in? Modern cosmetic contact lenses have the power to change your entire look by turning your eyes into a spectrum of vibrant, stunning colors while still maintaining a natural look.
  • Prescription Options: Do you prefer daily disposable or overnight wear?
  • Insurance and Budget: Our offices have lenses to meet all budgets, and Dr. Liles is dedicated to working with you to find the perfect pair that doesn’t break the bank. Our expert staff will help you navigate your confusing insurance policy so you don’t have to stress. You will know exactly what you owe and when.
  • Medical Conditions: We take into account your eye conditions and age to find the right balance. Our office is focused on preventative measures rather than reactionary ones.

When you leave our office, your new lenses will be perfect for your eyes, lifestyle, and wallet. Guaranteed.

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