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Hands down — this is the most phenomenal eye care company in all of Abilene, Texas.

An if you're in desperate need of an eye appointment for glasses or contacts, this is the only recommendation I will give you if you're ever in the Abilene West Texas area.

The staff here at this corporation knows how to give the ULTIMATE and PUREST form of the white glove treatment to every client that walks through the door -- and I can assure you, you will never find a company as personable as this one.

Ashley (Optometric Technician) and Torry (Front Desk Receptionist) are hands down the dynamic duo of positive, fantastic customer service. An they happily assisted me with all my questions and concerns every step of the way -- and Dr. Russel Lyles (Optometrist) was extremely helpful as well. He happily addressed all my eye concerns, and descriptively informed me about my astigmatism and why my vision was progressively getting worse.

An let's face it, that kind of quality service can not be "taught" or "trained." Personality comes from the heart -- and this staff has bucket loads of it to give.

They were friendly, they were approachable, and they were extremely informative about every single last one of my eye care aspects. Never in all my years of being half way blind and needing severe eye care service treatment; have I EVER received the type of quality service like I did at Elite Eye Care today.

It's not up for debate.

Choose Elite Eye Care as your primary eye physician and you'll never had to worry about a missing contact being dropped down the bathroom sink ever again. They'll take care of you and make your eye appointments a lot more livelier, then what they "would" have been -- had you went anywhere else.

With love and different camera angles,

-A very satisfied customer

- Krystal P. - Google Review 2018

Thank you for choosing Elite Eyecare. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have made a few changes to our office operations Read Our Blog Post…